Eddie the Whale is a character that has lived in my head all these years.  


I first got the idea to write this book when my late husband was affectionately called "Eddie the Whale" by his co-workers because of his last name.  The story has evolved in many ways, but this kind and gentle whale's character has remained the same.

It was important to me as a woman who is deaf with two cochlear implants to show diversity in the story. Children need to see themselves and the people they love in the stories they read.  I will continue to write these stories about our diverse lives.

Although the book is a work of fiction, I felt it was important for kids to know that the North Atlantic right whale is an endangered species. There are only about 400 North Atlantic right whales remaining, and many other species are endangered. 

The theme of the book bala, mala, whala and spreading kindness and joy is one that is sorely needed in our world today.  Here's wishing you a bala, mala, whala kind of day!




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